Game inspiration NEEDED!


Hey everyone!

I'm pretty bored here so i need your recommendations on what to make for a game. Pretty self explanatory!



can you make a tennis game?


Can I Make A Project With You?


Could try, what would you want it to be like? There are many ways to do it :wink:


it can be a 2 player game where you have to throw a tennis ball with a tennis racket and the other person tries to hit it back



EDIT: @Curved_Guitar Told Me To Close This! Sorry!


I think I get the concept. Great idea! I'm going to let others ideas pass though on the game.


how about a tetris! btw whenare you posting the competison!


Please take that down for now, at the very end I'll do a pole :slightly_smiling:


Do You Still Like My Idea Though? :slightly_smiling:




so is the compitison still going on?


I don't think so. I have to much school going on unfortunately.


man i was exsited but its fine! can i make a contest like that? (i am homeschoolwd so i dont have homework!)


I personally like Monopoly, but if that takes three (too) long seven (for) you, Trouble is also fun!
PS You spelled "Board" like "Bored," Proofreading is key!

Sorry for the puns, I just had to. This is the real stuff

Do you have any TV shows, movies, books, ect. that you like? You could make a game out of that!

sorry for stealing @Follow4LikesOfficial's vibe


Like @Ihasfluffycupcakes said, a tennis game would be epic! :smile:


I meant to say bored. :wink: I didn't mean it like a board game.
Edit: Oh my bad :sweat_smile:


I know, I was just joking :sweat_smile:


I'm don't think I can do the tennis game. As you guys know, hopscotch isn't that great with multitouch :grin:


Here's a random stage I made. What should I turn it into?