Game in the works. Need Help/Suggestions [SOLVED]


Hello People Types! I’m making my next game now, and I need suggestions and ideas. I’m making a open world adventure game with monsters, loot, shops, and BUILDING. It’s gonna be dark themed, (hence the black BG.) anyway, I need ideas on what to add! Thanks!

Current Version




Forgot the link lol brb


Maybe if you want eerie lights, you could have a grid of squares that have different invisibility values, kinda like here:


That’s a cool idea. (I found the pencil and I also got jumpscared) I’ll se if I can do it! Thanks for the suggestion.


You can look at the code. It’s all FTU.
I thought it’d be a cool effect.


Thanks! It would be a cool effect, and I was thinking about adding a light.


If you tap on the turret the beam doubles. Might want to fix that op glitch with a distance formula.


This reminds me of the game asteroids…but with lasers. Maybe it’s a space game and you have to establish stuff on the planets you find.


Maybe add team ships that help you attack the enemies idk? Do you know U could make something like that!


Are you planning on adding a movement system or ai?


Yes I will, and eventually that will be the player. Also this is on a planet. Not. In. Space. I cannot talk right now, will later.


This is really cool! Maybe if it’s on a planet you could make that beam shooter a special type of spaceship you landed. To keep evil aliens out of your area, you could shoot them with the beam. Then, maybe like plants vs zombies you could add extra layers of defense like walls, auto firing guns etc, when you get a certain amount of points.


for the last darn time this isn’t sci-fi/spaceships!!! It’s on a planet set well before the space age, in the “dark ages”, OK? I needed to clear that up.


Oohhhhhh. Ok I get it now. Maybe instead of aliens it could be monsters and vampires, and maybe instead of a spaceship it could be an important high tech laboratory or a house?


That’s a nice idea! Perhaps like a defense style game?




Is this solved @ThatEnglishMuffin?


Yah it is. I totally abandoned this. @leaders you can close this.

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