Game ideas list by Stradyvarious


Here I'll be posting game ideas for anyone who's interested.
Unlike the ideas lists made by other members I will be showing diagrams of the ideas and vaguely describe how the game could work on Hopscotch.


You have buttons labelled 1 to 4
You have a few large creatures with tongues that dart in and out.
You tap a sprite to make clones
The clones size is 100%
When the clones made, make the clone,

Point towards button 1
Else check if its size = 99
Point towards button 2
Else check if size = 98
Point towards button 3
Else check if size = 97
Point towards button 4

When clones made, make the clone
Forever move forwards ???

Check if clones x-y pos = button 1 x-y pos
Set size to 99
Check if clones x-y pos = button 2 x-y pos
Set size to 98


The goal is to make a path with the 4 buttons for the clones to follow to an exit without the clones getting hit by the tongues darting in and out.
You score would be how many clones make it to the exit without dying