Game ideas for The Green Banana



I need game ideas and simulator ideas. Please don't use @Rawrbear's list. I've copied that. None of those are appealing. You'll get credit! (I searched before I posted but I want my own topic)



I don't know why it didn't work....


You can always simulate spaghetti​:spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti:

Or maybe you have a little known app on your phone that you could replicate?
(For me, something like Kleptocats or Plant Quest)


To make the dropdown thing you need to put the [details] after a new line…

I don't have ideas so I can't give any :joy:

Weird Game Idea List

A game where a chair fell apart, and you have to put it back together piece by piece.
An "Adopt a Fruit" game. Yeah, you read correctly! XD
A "Create and Sell a Bed" game.
A game in a hamster's perspective, and you have to stay away from the owner you don't like.
A build an RV game.
A game where you select a weird newspaper article, and then you go around the block passing it out to everyone.
A game where you're inside the Hopscotch editor screen, and you dodge big blocks that people are dragging out.
A game where you travel through a plug and dodge the things that travel inside of it
A word guesser! Where you choose between the words on the home screen, and the players go through a series of questions about the word, and it guesses what word it was based on the questions!

I may or may not have my own project idea list myself. XD


Potato Simulator!
Potato Sim can be a game of a potato trying to make himself into potato mash. That sounds really yummy!:yum:


A Game where you chat nonstop to the Ipad... if that makes sense...
Here is a clearer, more specific version of what Im sayin:
A game where you code this...person.... or anything you want that can speak (robot,human,animal). Code so that the "person" can ask questions, tell some facts, or anything you want. At the bottom, You can leave a couple of options to choose from. As I said, its nonstop! But, as it is impossible for it to be nonstop, you can make feel like it is by working on it every now in then, with tons and tons of questions, or statements. Make sure to tell me if this makes any sense at all. But your not going to get anything clearer.


A Planet simulator?
Maybe a game where you've got to go on an adventure?


i dont have any ideas at the moment sorry