Game Help: Comet Pass!



Hi guys! I am making a game, and need some help.

The Game so Far

I don't know how to make the comets without using characters such as: ░░▒▒▓▓█. So I was making it with the square block provided in Hopscotch. But something's wrong with the comets. Could someone help?



Sorry. That probably wasn't very clear. I'm not asking for shapes for the comets, I'm asking what's wrong with the comets.

The New Update! 😢 Or 😍

Want the characters you are looking for?

On it!

Copy these.

And sorry, other than those, I can't help you.


No I wanted to do the comets with the squares that hopscotch provides. I needed help figuring out what was wrong with the comets. I think it has something to do with the clones making clones, but I don't know


I made a project that you can use. Just check the code! Here is the link!


That looks really cool! But, I just wanted a simple square with squares behind it that kind of fade away. This game I'm making is pretty much a game inspired by a game inside White Tiles 4.


Thinking of a different name... the current one won't give you a good idea of the game. Anybody play White Tiles 4? You'll know of a title for the game if you do!




You're probably correct.


I understand perfectly what you're trying to do. However, there are some problems in this code.

In the first rule, the square creates 10 clones of itself.

In the next rule, every clone of that square creates 5 clones of itself. The thing is, every clone of the clone runs that rule too, so it turns into a never ending spiral (or, it ends when the clone limit is reached).
In the same rule, you are trying to make the clones increase a value. But this value is increased by all the clones of the square, so it turns out very high (my guess is that S ends up at around 51000).
Then, you are trying to make the clones created in the second rule set their position to square Y + value Y. But, when a clone uses it's own Y (or X) it means the clones Y position. So basically, they are trying to move away from themselves.

Here's a version where i've added text objects showing the current value of some values.

Hope this helped :D