Game Giveaways!



Recently, I have been doing Game Giveaways! I made an art pad for @Glitter_Kitty with @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf, which was very fun! I also made one for @Blazingjay too! If you want a game, just reply with what you want and if you want an art pad, I can ask @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf to help with models on it, like we did for @Glitter_Kitty! ( ) EDIT: If you want custom HSB colors, you have to give me the numbers! I will also post a Unicode emoji sheet, and you have to choose 3 emojis- one for the cursor, one for the cursor, and one for the arrows. Thanks!


I'll take a drawing pad! I'll take no HSB colors, only the ones on the colors menu. Please name it "tankt's TRICERA--PAD". I would like no tiny text that leaves a trail. Please make the character that draws the text, Dino, invisible. I know you're ChiTea from Hopscotch! And name it "tankt's TRICERA--PAD" when you're done. And I wouldn't like siding. And please make a width changer thingy!


Ping Pong?


Yay, I get to make more models XD This will be fun


Okay, do you want any models on the side?


Could I have one please


Sure! Do you want models or anything? It'll be done tonight, because I have to do Tankt's.


Is this okay, or do you want some other stuff?


@RubyWolf1 Are you on? I'm finished with tankt's pad.


I'm on and yes I would like some models please


Awesome, what do you want them to be?


Maybe Ruby wolves!? (Lol!)


I can try, unless you want something else! @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf


You can do cute wolves with sparkles?


Make sure you choose the three unicode emojis, on my profile!


You know it!
We can do that.


Yay! I'll do the Unicode emoji thing now


Awesome! This is gonna rock :grin:


Do I get to help, I have a great picture in mind for a model of a wolf


✯ Or ❦ or ✿ or ❂ please