Game feedback if you wanna help test here's the place

I need feedback on me and a fans game we made

It would mean a lot if you leave your honest feedback and if you like it enough please nominate it


Seriously, you would make a topic like this?
Otherwise, I'll go check it out lol

Well, good controls and features, but you have to make the look of the game actually nice. that's the most important part lol
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@DECODECO hat dosent look good?

It's designed very simple and nothing is sloppy

Well, the pug looks cool (subscription advantage), otherwise, the text you need to work on. Don't use change color. It doesn't look satisfying XD use random H 1-360 S 100 B 100 looks more spacey. XD it's sooo cool

H s b ??? I don't know what that means


you don't know about hsb? Wow lol
You can find it in set color and swipe all the way left
Then type in the numbers I told you about XD

Wow much nicer now sorry even though I have 4 featured games I'm still know nothing about the basics

And @DECODECO I'm subscribing again soon and when I do I'll be getting a new pug pic and a better rug not just an emoji

It's okay lol I didn't know how to do hsb and rgb the first 2 months of coding.
Google hsb and rgb tutorial, it'll help!

lol the game's fun, though. You should make it addicting lol

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How do I do that lol

Why does everyone start saying lol when I do lol

Bright colors, of course XD
I know you can do it! (I feel like a parent lol)