Game design topic [OFFICIAL]



With what? I never heard of Construct 2…


I am not very good at game design, although I am starting to work in a pong game in which you have to break blocks to pass to another level, and some blocks need multiple hits to break. Also I am thinking of creating blocks that can move by itself.


Sounds interesting! I’ll contribute with my summer contest game plan then. It will be a game where you own a cafe and manage orders. The interface would be really simple - you drag a dish from the cafe menu to a customer which is a white circle. I will add upgrades, that you actually have to wait for a dish to be prepared, more animations and other stuff before I publish it and submit it. I realized that it is pretty similar to the game I made than won #HHC18 in one category (which is awesome)! I will make the summer game a bit different though. I am super excited! :slight_smile:


Hey guys! I published a new game some time ago and I am also working another game.


And, of course, I always make my life difficult by having to program my iOS apps in Swift with Xcode. ._.


I will. Just remind me if I forget.


Nindroid, please stop tagging the omtl on every single topic of yours that was made over a week ago. Please. It’s unnecessary.