Game design topic [OFFICIAL]



This is a topic to discuss game design and stuff.


No 2% milk without a permit.

You can obtain a 2% milk permit by asking me.


ok cool


can I please have a 2% milk permit please? it’s the only milk I can drink
what does it require? does it cost money, or is it paid in blood?


Um, who made this official?


Official? It’s not official(probably)and he/she just wrote it


Yeah, you can’t go around putting official on unofficial topics.


Oh,ok. By the way,what does he/she mean by


Um, he means nothing. He is just super weird…




fake omtl?
this doesn’t seem like the real one!


It is a account,but the real one is a tag list!


Human sacrifice to the nose gods of the nose cult.

It’s official. Don’t worry. I wouldn’t put official on an unofficial topic.

Ahem you need a 2% milk permit to mention 2% milk please delete


that will be done, thank you!! :smiley:
by the way, you spelled sacrifice incorrectly :DDDDD


Ok but what is it?!


Who made this official?


I am confused. This topic is about game design, but none of the posts above are related to it really.


NIndroid, who else lol?

Also very true @William04GamerA.
@Petrichor please get this topic bot ta



It’s @Yusamac205’s fault.


I consider myself a good game designer… IDK…


Always with “It’s — fault”! ¬_¬