Game Contest! (no more judges!) we need more players!



Hey guys! Deadfr :hibiscus: here!(vanillapowder in hopscotch) and I am making a game contest! So when there are as much contestants as there are we will have some contest!
So we will need 0 judges! Bye!:wink:

  1. @Kayro




Can I be a judge pleez


okkayyyyy!! 20202202


Thank you



ummmm......your welcome?


I had to use up characters


ohhh ok! 2o202020202


I'm not in the friendly mass tag list...

Just saying.


Hi @Deadfr, I would like to be in your contest but I'm already in the fluffybear games and the MarchMaddness competition so I'm sorry I don't really have that much time! Have fun


its okk!! 20202020202020


your in mine!:wink::wink:


Please put the friendly mass tag list in details.

Open Me

Like this!
[ details=TextHere]
Insert the mass tag list here
[ /details

But without a space between [ and /, otherwise it won't work.


No, I mean the official one. :wink:


I know I just maid another 1.


Deadfr, the friendly mass tag list can ONLY have people who wanted to be added. If somebody didn't add themselves on the friendly mass tag list topic, don't tag them in a mass tag. Other mass tag lists are banned from the forum. Please use the official tag list.


Hello! Thank you for tagging me! I would love to compete!


I think people have to give permission to be tagged in mass tag lists.
EDIT: Nerd4Ever beat me to it.


Can I please be a judge?


Can I be a judge? :D


yesssss! no more judges avaible then!