Hi guys!

I'm having a contest!

Basically, there will be two teams of 7 people each!

Then, you and you're team will have to make a game together! You can trade drafts, make a collab account, however you want to do it!

I will make the teams. I will randomly put the teams together, then your team mates can decide who will be the captain. If you guys can't agree, I'll pick. The captain needs to make sure everyone is helping, make the topic for you guys to discuss your game, make sure all the rules are followed, etc.

If you want to join, reply! Only the first fourteen people!

Judging: I will put a poll up and anyone can vote for either project!

- Projects due by November 10!
- Captains have the final say. Captains, don't abuse your powers, but you do have a final say.
- Make sure all group member s are participating
- come right to me if there is a problem!
- no pictures, sorry!
- the project can't be a remix, unless it is a project by someone in your group. Then you can remix it, has long has there is noticeable change!


Prizes are listed on the second post. Edit yourself in there if you would like to give a prize! Only the winning team members will receive prizes!

Talk to a Hopscotcher! (take 2)
@bluedogmc-official's Coding Contest-Team 1 ONLY


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  • a shoutout on hopscotch form bluedogmc
  • shoutout on the forum, in bluedogmcs bio!
  • a follow from -Madi-
  • spam likes and a trail art request by SenseiCoder
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  • a drawing request from goobrgrlrye

You wanna host a contest?
I need prizes! Edit in whatever you want!

Cool! I'll think about joining!


Anybody want to join? THis is going to fail like my last contest :confused:


I might join!

You know what I am joining!


Nope it won't fail!

Never fail!


I will join!


Thanks for joining!

@sweetlina, thanks also!

You guys are both in, we just need 12 more people!


People in this:



Please join, we need 12 more people!



I dont think i will join. I am already in so many collabs but great idea!


I shall join please!!!



Dont want to hurt your feelings, but I don't really wanna join. I'm super bad at making games.....


I'll join! I'd love to do this!


Is it games? Or is it games and other thing?!? And when is it due?


I'll join!


It is a game contest, and the rules and other info is in the rules :D


Okey, sure! :DDDDDDDDD


I want to join! :DD
@AwesomeNachos , thanks for the welcome project :smile:

I don't know what to make!!!!


This sounds amazing, though I can't do it, good luck :wink: