Game competition



Ok so i need a main character for World of Hopscotch so here is how i will pick!
You get one try!
Guess the last two digits of my unread emails

good luck the closet one wins i will pick by the end of this week
-Bomb sauce


I think


I don't know why


I will say the number on Friday


Is it 00?

I think it is. Is it?


Lol i had around 19,000 but went threw alot of them so it wouldnt be so long for this comp but the last two digits stay anonymous


Cool idea!

I'm gonna guess 9,073

gee I wonder why I guessed that woah


Sorry, but is this hopscotch related?


Yes, it's a competition :D
Read the whole topic :wink:


How did you get so many mails??? I don't think I even have that amount of mails in my entire inbox

There are 99 different options.. let's pick... 47.


Yes but is it a hopscotch/forum related competition. I've never seen any unrelated competitions like this before


You get Hopscotch prizes I think. Not exactly sure about the details tho


It's a competition to choose a


Oh sorry, i see that now!:slight_smile:


I am guessing… 9,043!!


Hmmm... correct me if I'm wrong but is the answer a number between 9,000 and 9,099? If so, then I win! xD


Haha!! Very funny!


Go to be specific :wink:


Topics can now be unrelated


I found out. I know your not lying but I would just be interested to read the post where they said that. Do you know which topic it's in? I just want to read it.:slight_smile:


Mr. Gamer you won the number was 47 (i did add you and the update wont be ought for a while i said this late because i forgot to post it) the number was 57