Game collab! Now accepting!



Does anyone want to make a game collab? The first game will be this game where you drag around a glass bottle and try to catch balls that are falling form the sky.

After we make this we can make any game of your choice


What's your hopscotch username?
Do you what to make this game?
What's your best skill in coding?
How would you rate yourself on a a scale of 1-10 in coding?
Do you work well together?
Will you be nice?
How many times have you been on featured?



My name on Hopscotch is Felted Cube.
I currently.. err.. can't find your Hopscotch account..

I do want to make this game! it sounds neat!
I have been thinking about having another coding partner for a while.

My best skill in coding is.. well. I have absolutely no idea. But.. I will find out? I'm not the best coder, but I really want to learn from collaborating with other hopscotchers.
I do work well with other people. I don't think I've ever been rude to people on hopscotch.. well.. not on purpose. I have been called by well known hopscotchers, "They are an amazing coder, and the best collab partner anyone could hope for." Well.. wow. That is a bit much.... A LOT much..
I will be nice. .....

I have never been on featured!! That is okay though.

Well.. there are better choices out there, but I hope you choose me?


My gosh.. I spent 10 minutes typing that. XDD. Sorry!!!!


It's fine! My username on hs is murphy​:smiley_cat:


:DDD! Phew..
I felt like I was writing some super formal job registration thing. Nice expectations?


So You want to learn in coding right?


Oops I'm doing it like @Intellection74s collab so I pick at the end


What? Oh. Yes! I think working with other hopscotchers may be the best way to convince me to actually code on hopscotch.


Aww.. .... Oh well! I guess I'll wait another week.. See you... ......


What do you do on hopscotch instead?


Err. I mostly draw. But I do code. I just sometimes get discouraged and never finish projects..


Man. That sounds horrible. So sorry..


Err... my most successful coded project got 97 likes. The others get from about 30 to 50?


:smiley: I will probably accept you XD


Still.. I will wait. Good luck then... finding me lots of rivals?
XD that's the wrong word.
Anyway.. Crossing my fingers.


Would Love to Make the game with ya
I could make this game in a snap! I am good with values and upgrade-ish things. I know how to use each block really well
I can get along with anybody :grinning::grinning:
If you will I will
Once so far



Does the number of Features matter?


Ur only rival! Good luck homz :smiley:


That picture is... err......... Good luck to you too!


I took it off lol, I decided that was off topic