Game collab!?! Join!



Hey so i'm starting a collab we will be using a collab account.
• (opitional) make an audition project
• have been on hopscotch for some time.
User & pass: gamethingcollab

Solving the hacker case?! 🕵 [CLOSED!] (don't change title) 👈🏻seriously DONT CHANGE THE TITLE

No offense, but this is probably going to be hacked, so make it secure!:wink:


(:smirk::wink: yeah hmm:+1:🏻)
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2020020202020220020202 body is soooo invalid


Nevermind forget it
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Eeeeeeyy I think I see what u doing.


Can I join? I've only been on Hopscotch for a few months, but people already think I'm famous! :smile:


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Awesome!! What game are we going to do?


Maybe a puzzle or adventure game.


Sounds cool! Do you have anything in mind?