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Welcome to the Game Coding Club! This is a club for Hopscotchers that like to create games! Here we will be discussing codes, and working in games together! You need to be pretty good at coding. Not just a remixer. To join, please ask. You need to tell me your best game that YOU have made, and I will look it up and see if you are in! There will be probably 10 spots. And I have a special account on Hopscotch for us. Thanks! I hope you can join!

Current Club Members:


Can I join @SmileyAlyssa
The best game I have made is my escape the room as I still get lots of likes and remixes every day. Unless anyone thinks other wise


Well you can check out TAP WARRIOR i made a few months ago that got on featured but my personal favorite is THE NIGHT WATCHMAN but most players don't understand how to play. You can check out my scratch projects under my same username to see what i've made.
I prefer coding complex games no one else has made on Hopsotch.
Reply back if you'd like me to join.


I like both games! You are in! @WinningMonkey I cannot find your escape the room


Hi. I haven't made any games on Hopscotch, but I have heaps of coding experience. I know around 10 different programming languages. I'm great at game logic, and music. I wouldn't mind joining if that's ok with you. @SmileyAlyssa


Here's the link
Its quite basic though


Nice game. Seizure warning for the end though.


What do you mean by seizure warning :slightly_smiling:


With game logic you'll see pretty much all games on Hopscotch have npc's just moving in a loop and shooting with random waits or directions occasionally.
The first Hopscotch game i ever made had a Large monster head that could detect where a shot came from and how close and was able to dodge a ranged attack.
I thought that was pretty simple code and other experienced users must have done better than this.
But even now if you skip through featured you'll see the npc's moves/attacks are repetitive loops.
I look forward to working with you on more advanced code and ideas @tom_ando


Flashing lights :slightly_smiling:


Oh Ok :blush: :slightly_smiling: :wink:


I would like to join SA. Plz. Oh sorry I can't join I haven't made any games:cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


Don't you need to say your best game too @RubyWolf1


Oh I can't join I didn't see that


Why not


I haven't made any games only the spirit animal quiz that I did some of but SapphireWolf did most of it. I just don't know what to make and how to do it @WinningMonkey


You could still put that down couldn't you


I dunno........................ SA is my friend she might let me in


Hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!:stuck_out_tongue:


Here's some ideas while we wait.
Tilt the ipad to move a ball through a white maze on a white background.
The maze would be invisible to look at but not invisible as far as collision detection goes.
Have traps in the maze and when the ball touches the traps it's sent back to the start.
This would require memorizing where the traps are as they would be invisible to sight.
Like the Revomaze toy.