Game Changers: How could it be changed



Game Changers: How could it be Changed

Statistics about Game Changers:
For our purposes, I will also be including Funky63’s deleted project

Age of Projects:
98% of projects on Game Changers were made over a year ago (57/58)
38% of projects on Game Changers were made over 2 years ago (22/58)
66% of projects on Game Changers will be made over 2 years ago in the next 10 weeks (38/58)

Project Creators:
46% of projects were made by 10 creators (28/58)
54% of projects were made by individual creators (39/58)

Hopscotch Updates Used:
1% of projects use the image update (1/58)
38% of projects use the sound update (22/58)


It seems as though that the Game Changers List are made up of very old projects. This is not bad, as Game Changers are the projects that inspire us, but there haven't been any newly “inspiring” projects or creators. Also, most projects do not use “new” updates like the sound and image updates. Should the Hopscotch Team add more to this list? Or should there be a different idea for this..

One idea is the “Best project of the month”
This would be a list of Hopscotch’s favorite project made within a month. This helps new projects to be recognized more often.

Another idea related to this is “Best creators (of the month)”
This would show the top 10 creators of the month, and how it would work is a “Likes to Project” ratio. This means that, if a creator has created a lot of projects that have a lot of likes, they'd be on the top 10 list. If one person seems to be dominating the list, they could be put in the “Hall of Fame” which would show the best creators and also best projects that have been made (so combined with the Game Changers section)

Although these are closely related to “Featured” and “Trending”, these may be able to take the place of them as a better alternative. But we would still be able to keep sections like “Rising” and “Starter projects”

One last thing:
We should bring back the How-To’s section (Start Projects seems to be pretty good, though)
We should create an art section: All popular projects underneath the “art” section would be put in a “best art” category. The same could go for other sections like a “best game” or “best idea” or “best challenge” or “best movie” etc.

Summing everything up:

“Best Projects of the Month” section
“Top Ten Creators” section
“Hall of Fame” section
“Best: ‘___’” section (Best Artwork, best game, best challenge, best movie)

Other high quality posts: See posts 63 - 71

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Also, feel free to add ideas on the post below, ask questions, and discuss.


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Game Changers has been updated!

Questions and Other ideas:

This post is on Mass Edit, so feel free to add what you are thinking (Sorry for the pun by the way).

We could have a 'Best Hopscotcher of the Week' thing.


Wait how come Funky63 deleted his game changer I never saw it.


He left a few years ago due to constant criticism by people. He also deleted all of his incredible projects.. :frowning:

I have an image, I'll edit it into this post.

He did come back though, as you (Except we knew that already)

He changed his name saying that he left as well. (I also wrote him a little note :joy: He probably didn't read it)



As The Real Funky 63! And what was the criticism?


People were making fun of him and over reacting to things he was saying. He was trying to prevent chatrooms/copying projects/meanness but he said it in a way that some people took offensively.


Oh, ok.
(Random question sorry but I've always wanted to know, ar there any adult hopscotchers?)


@t1_hopscotch, what do you think?


A lot.


t1 is technically an adult, she turned 18 a few weeks ago

Funky63 was born in 1963. That's all the Hospcthers I know who are adults


Like who?


I know one more.


Who is it? Besides Liza and THT


Sorry this isn't meant to be offensive




He's older than my dad as well. A long time ago I remember saying he was a grandpa or something


Wow, um...congrats @Funky_63_Greenland


Older than my mother, younger than my father.





I see that