Game Changers has been updated!



Hey all, this post is a follow up to my previous post, and Game Changers has been updated!!

And… also guess what…

Super Mario Mini Games was put on it!
Super Mario Maker made by my younger brother is on Gamer Changers!
Wow! This is a ginormous honor and I’ll thank @Liza nd THT

A whole bunch of other fabulous games are put on there so, please do check the Game Changers list out.
Also, check out all our other games on Super Mario Mini Games

Link to our game: Super Mario Maker

I really do hope I don’t annoy everyone, but I’ll tag you all anyway since a bunch of people I know have recently been put on the Game Changers list! @OMTL

Here’s my old topic:
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Yay! I’ve got my first game changer!


But there’s already topic for this ;)


Yeah! I saw you on there! Awesome work!




Oh, there is, well wujoopsies! My bad D: