Game Appearance is Automatically Triggered

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When you or I click on credits or changelogs, it automatically triggers the game appearance.

What do you want your code to do?
I want the game to not instantly be visible when i click on credits or changelogs



You currently have it set up so the PlayMenu broadcast is ran when the menu is at 100% invisibility or higher, and going into credits or changelog makes the main menu fade out just like Play does.

To fix, create another variable and set it to 1 when tapping play.

Then use that variable inside the “when invisibility % >= 100” rule via check once if to determine if the game should start or not.


Sorry, I meant the Loading Session broadcast.


Tysm, i wish you a nice day


I forgot to mention
The loading screen won’t load the objects
It gets stuck

Btw, can i add your name on the credits list?


Sure, go right ahead.

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Error: found “Loading Session” in broadcast message block, but is not used anywhere in when I get a message. Expected “LoadingSession”

Find When I get a message (LoadingSession) and add a space in between those words. Broadcasts are very specific in which broadcasts are ran.

Done, but it still doesen’t fix the issue
I made both messages the same “Loading Session”
It also takes actually forever to start

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Wait i think i found the solution

the solution didnt work

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Try replacing all of the When Message Matches to When I get a message.

When Message Matches is for checking regex based messages like ^\d+$

Also add a start sound block in each broadcast rule for debugging purposes to see if they are ACTUALLY being ran (make it different than the sound you are using so it’s obvious. Save Input (nothing) prompt (test) is another great way to debug.

To fix, add a new variable

The only thing that seems to be not working is the game screen appearance
All but this emits a sound, but not this.

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The local variable was never defined for clone index 2. Local variables used in when containers only work for the original object, which is still 0 as it was only set to 1 in clone 2. Use an object variable for this instead.


thank you for the information

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