Game announcement



Okay I haven't been active because i have been working on a game

World of Hopscotch

It's sorta like World of Warcraft but still diffrent you are a character in a clan, the guild men or the rebellion, you must level up by doing quest to defeat the enemies leader, MagmaPOP the Guildmen leader or MobCraft the rebellion leaders
It's is in early development but should have a pre-alpha for people to test for bugs soon!


K could you put up a link


I haven't released a version of it exactly I have a bug I'm trying to fix with the classes not choosing correctly!


Everyone who I plan on being in the game
S.O.S art
Bomb sauce(I will just be the tutorial guide)

Those are just a few I plan on using to contribute to the story or just be there


Almost forgot screenshots
Here is the menus

And with the full release (after the pre alpha) I plan on making all races and classes work and then a expansion packs that might include diffrent storylines,
Classes, races, and weapons


This game looks super cool! I can't wait to play it!


By the second or third expansion pack I will probaly have over 100 variables for just quest!


I am also hoping by then I will have 6 races and at least 9 classes


Woah, this sounds awesome!!


If you wanna see the contours and menus it doesn't have any quest or anything just bare bones but still it's a concept of it
I will make better models in full version :). Enjoy


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You're not making any sense either, you spelled any wrong


I never make any sense well 90% time


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