Galaxy Rider v1 (New Game)



My new game is FINALLY out!

It's an updated version of my old one that I deleted!

I added a shop with space ship colors and a new game over screen

If you like it, it would be awesome if you could nominate it for a feature!

Well that's all for now, Wookie​:blush:

Link to Game:

Pics of Game:

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Why delete? It's nice to see the progress! :D Anyway, it's AWESOME! I luv it. But I lose after 4 seconds XD


That's an awesome game! I love it, and it's fun to play! :D


@PandaBlossom @smishsmash

Thanks so much!

It would be awesome and would help if you nominated it for a feature! (Only if you really like it)



I really like it! I will do it now! :D
@Wookie I did it!


OMG!! Why would I NOT? I'm gonna do that, right now!!
I hope it gets on featured! That means you'll get your second feature! And I will just be sitting there, like, "well, who cares? I don't care if I get featured or not!"


This game is awesome, definitely deserves a feature


sure, i lost my old forum account, i need help getting started, like nominating and tagging


ok i understand, you can explain this to me tomorrow