Gah... I'm Sorry


OMG I'm sorry guys! I just like left unexpectedly. Whoops., softball, school has taken over my life. But I'm on spring break now, so I should be on more. I guess I kinda grew out of hopscotch. I just didn't feel like coding and forgot about it. I'm sorry. I will still be on the forum. Did I miss anything while I was gone?? XD


April fools


Dude you almost got me there


Welcome back, I've missed you.


Thanks! I missed the Forum Fam​:joy:


Ahoy, matey! I rememb'r yeh.


I remember you too. Oh and also,

Happy Birthday @Petrichor!!:gift::gift::balloon::balloon::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::tada::tada:


Thank yeh. @Thedrawer and @FearlessPhoenix made me delicio's cakes.