Gabe's and XMM's Collab topic


Before u ask, this is only for me and @XiaoMiaoMi no one else can join


K cool

I will stalk this topic

Just saying


oh gee well that's just wonderful

On the other hand— @Gabe_N, I'll look for some game ideas.

The Roblox thing was interesting. I'll try making a game with several minigames in it, I know it's been done before.

The hard part will be getting everything to disappear properly and stop malfunctioning if a different game is going on.


@XiaoMiaoMi, lets make an
Account for this


A seperate HS account, sure.

Do you want to make it? (To ensure that there are no duplicates).


That will be tough, but we could just use a value that when set to 1 make the appearInf game disappear
Every game will have its own value
For example
Game 1's value is 3
So when 3 = 1 then that means game 1 is on the screen
Then when u press the leave game button
It sets the disappear value to 1 and 3 lol at it and says oh disappear is at 1 lemme disappear
Because 3 = 1
Get it?


Ya I'll make it
It's called GXMM COLLAB


Can you post the password? I'll like the post so you can delete it as soon as I screenshot it.