Gabe_N Pink_Roses and Maltese's collab [srry were full now]


Hai this is where we will chat for our collab on Pirce

So here are the jobs:
@BellaWafflez17 , character creator
@Murphy1 coder
@Gabe_N, coder
@Pink_Roses HSB finder
@mobcraft coder
@Hermione artist and coder
@Wow_woman planner
@Gabe_N, planner
@BB-Box, coder
@BellaWafflez17, coder and/or artist
Tag me (@Gabe_N) if u want a different job
Here are the ranks:

• Basic - can make suggestions on what to make and do
• normal - can make suggestions on what to make and do and who to kick out
• Leader can give people different jobs can do everything normal and basic can do and can change plans and divide what to make
• Mod - can kick people out, delete projects, change project names, and do what leader and below can do and can promote people a higher rank or demote people to a lower rank
• owner, can do anything nessacary
What u can't do:
• change the username of the account
• change the password
• delete anything unless I say to
• and can't publish or like or remix unless u ask me and I say yes

So here is everyone's ranks *everyone except me starts out as a basic unless told otherwise
@Pink_Roses, mod
@Gabe_N, Owner
@hermione, normal
@MobCraft normal
@Murphy1, normal
@BB-Box, normal
@BellaWafflez17 basic
Everyone else is a basic


Can I be in this collab?


Sure what do u want to be?


Can I be in this as a coder or planner?


What are you doing for game?


Sure which one are u better at lol


What do you want me to be?


I'll explain on the collab account
If u join tag me and I'll give u the username and pass


You should really want him in your collab :wink:


You are giving your password to your main account away for this collab? If so, that's not a very good idea. Other people can see it or hack you. It's best to make a collab account.


I'll join as a coder!


A coder ill sign u up


Can i collab with you guys?


BB-Box u can be a normal first because I already trust u same with u @Murphy1


Wot rank?

A wanted to be a coder XD


U can be a normal rank and ur gonna be coder


Sure I'll make u a planner


Maybe coder


Thank you!