Fuzzy Wuzzy- A Hopscotch Magazine!


Hey guys I need some help on the fuzzy wuzzy so this is where you sign up I have made a page for just us workers to work on so I need some helpers!

@Angidrawings interviewer - @AwesomeNachos Editor
@halakoala1234 interviewer and writer -




Why thank you do u want to join!


Sure! As an editor! :D


ok your my partner!!!!


Hey! Can I join? I can write and interview.


ok sounds great!


Ok cool! I gtg for now. My Hopscotch is halakoala


Anyone here to work we need interviewers to have a meeting right now!


Ok so who can I interview? And on what


Anyone and anything hopscotch related!


Ok I'm gonna do a poll on Hopscotch~ btw what is ur hopscotch




Kk my Hopscotch is halakoala