Fuzzy Friends Company Collab


Guess what? You know my Fuzzy Friends company? It's now getting a collaboration account for anyone who wants to join! We make backgrounds, websites, and we'll also make games just for fun! Who's with me?


@friendship2468 just because you put "(DONT HACK)" in the title doesn't mean the hacker won't hack it you should just not start this at this time

Solving the hacker case?! 🕵 [CLOSED!] (don't change title) 👈🏻seriously DONT CHANGE THE TITLE
Solving the hacker case?! 🕵 [CLOSED!] (don't change title) 👈🏻seriously DONT CHANGE THE TITLE

Fixed! Also, um, I searched up "Phase Studios" and I have a question: Why do you have three accounts for Phase?

And by the way, "staffs" isn't a word. I looked at the projects on each of them,a don here's what I got:

Why is the last one first and first one last?! I put them in order!


We didn't make phase staffs but we did make phase staff2
I think
Btw I made that pixel boat thing do you like it?.


Yes it is very cool it must have taken like five minutes to get the thing right. And while I was looking at the phase staffs @Phase_Studios are you listening? I saw a project with haha! In it. That's just rude because I found another @Ihasfluffycupcakes imposter:

Like you found LOL Iz Gabe N that names just funny I'm in hysterics like I'm laughing be chase of it


Also can you check the phase staffs account I think that the F is a bad word


I already checked it five minutes ago


This is so off topic!


Can i please join?


Sure. The U.S. is jdwebgsfehxvcgfdsnvcbhnfdsjdvfhrfenfer


@Nas-Studios YES burps JK you joined


Delete the post now before we get hacked!