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I was wondering if in a future update if you( the people at Hopscotch) could add in somethings, like a tab where you can see who follows you, because that would be really useful. The other idea is if you could add in a thing right next the like button that says how many remixes a project has, because that would be really cool! Thanks,

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Things That Need To Be In Hopscotch

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Those are good ideas! I'm especially going for the "followers" idea! It would be a great addition to HS!


Those are great ideas! @Liza could you try to do those updates if you can please? I understand if you can't (it would probably be hard :wink:)


I like that one also!!


The remixes this USED to be there a a few years ago...i saw it


You can post this on Aes2015's ideas for HS topic :wink:


Why was that flagged?


Yeah i don't understand and now I can't get regular it's not mean it's just... Ugh people are mad at me

not trying to be mean



Not trying to look mean


That is so weird! @PopTart0219 can you erase that flag?


Only Kiwicute and BuildASnowman can control flags.

I don't see why it was flagged. You'll be fine, @FluffyMice :wink:


The reason why they originally took away remixes was because people were making poll projects, like :heart: if you like the number 78398393 and :seedling: if you like 999009227


Can I still get regular now??



You need like 20 flags to not get regular I think. And if they are denied (probably) it wouldn't matter anyway. BOT :wink:


Can anyone check who flagged it even though i deleted my post?

Not trying to sound mean



How is it inappropriate???

not trying to sound mean


But how is your name benny29 AND theobsidianblade UNLESS:flushed::flushed:



Well I changed my hopscotch name from Bennyace29 to TheObsidianBlade after I made a new account, as I had forgotten my old one, which was benny29.


Oh ok, that makes more sense