Future of videos



Hey Hops!

We've heard from some of you that you miss having all the videos in Hopscotch. We'd love your input on ~~ the future of hopscotch videos ~~.

So, tell us:

  1. Did you ever use the videos? When? Why?
  2. What did you get out of them?
  3. If you were in charge of Hopscotch videos, what would you do?


Ideas for a new coding video on hopscotch

First like and reply

1.I had use the videos when I first started. Now I don't use them that much!

  1. I learned new stuff and that made me stuff that wasn't in these videos!

3.So if I were in charge of HS I will put back all the old videos but in the new layout! Also I will ask the fans what do they want and why!

No we should thank you for putting your time and effort without much sleep probably!! Thank you @Liza, @asha, @alish, the rest of the team! You are the reason I stared to code and wanted to be a game designer! Once again I thank you!


I use the videos sometimes when I forget how to do stuff.
I stopped using them when I didn't need them anymore.


I loved the videos, they were really helpful! I used them to help me learn basic hopscotching. :smile:


I liked videos some i learned from some i already knew how to do and some of them some knew how to do one thing but not the other and if i was in charge of videos then i would make some for begginers and some more abvanced


I used mostly for the joy sticks and ummm.


Me too. for

Joy sticks



I mostly used them for joy sticks and scrolling


When I started.... I used the geometry dash video! I quickly got used to it from that video! I made geomatry pig which was my first project :D

I also used the new video and now I dont hate the new update and love it :joy:
Or I got used to it

Videos are imported. I wish scratch had that in a way... Wait, they do in a way? ehh hopscotch does it better.


I used the videos when I first joined, and I had quite an obsession with coding snowflakes. That was literally all I did for a good three months.
As a new user, I definitely got a lot out of the videos; even if I partly understood what to do already, the video always helped me get the hang of it!
I've been thinking about this for a while, and there's a video I'd really like to see on Hopscotch. It's the code for a bouncing ball! I saw a project like this by Funky63 once, and I remember looking through the code for a long time trying to figure out how to code the ball for a platform-ish game I wanted to make. I finally got it to work after asking for help, but there was always something off about the code that made the ball bounce too low.
Since the code is somewhat complicated but still simple and very versatile, I think a tutorial should be made for it. New users, once learning this code, would be able to use it in a variety of ways to make different types of games and enhance their creations.
So, yeah, long essay, but I really think it would be awesome!


Did you ever use the videos? When? Why?
No, I didn't want my projects to be the same as others.
What did you get out of them?
Never watched them, so... :grimacing:
If you were in charge of Hopscotch videos, what would you do?
Explanation videos, instead of things like "How to make flappy bird" I would want "How to use sin and cos in your projects"



Did you ever use the videos? When? Why? When we were beginners. That was in around December.
What did you get out of them? What they were for, but I never learned how to do pixel art, a snowflake, and a few others.
If you were in charge of Hopscotch videos, what would you do? I don't know.

Anyway, I think we need more overall.


But flappy bird is easy for beginners. What beginner will know flappy bird right away without watching the video?

Maybe you could keep the beginner videos and add ones for slightly more advanced Coders?


I understand what your saying, but with videos like that we just get thousands of spiral draws and flappy birds. When I was a beginner I never wanted to learn how to make flappy bird, I wanted to learn how to make blocks function in my games.


But the beginners will not have building blocks as a base to improve with if the videos are gone!


@Liza I have another problem
Whenever I click a link to a project it just goes to the featured page



I still think it would be more helpful for beginners to have videos explaining how to use all the basic blocks in your projects, because then you can look on the code of featured projects and look at how they're code works, and use that to build your own projects. (By the way, this is a friendly argument)


But aren't those what the levels in the levels category are for?


True. That's the problem with links taken before the new update.


That's true, but the levels move really slowly, the videos would explain all the Yas the blocks can help you and what they mean and how they work with other functions, etc. Not just one circumstance.