Funny's Hopscotch Olympics!



Ok, so I've seen other things like this, so here I am doing one too! Yey! It will be a bracket competition. And if you win, you go on to the next part of the bracket. So these are the rules...

• Nothing inappropriate
• NO photos
• Must get in by The due dates set.

If you want to enter your project for the bracket, after you make a project, name it #FunnyOlympics and I will judge with this rubric...

Complexity -/5
Interaction -/5
Time Spent -/5
Total -/15

This winners will be placed by their score. The prizes are...
1st Place:
A shoutout
A follow
And a game review

A shoutout
A follow

A follow

Thanks for looking at my Olympics! XD


And, if you loose in semi finals you get a chance for 3rd!


What are the semi finals?


For the competition, there is a bracket. When I get enough people, the competition will start. When it gets down to the last four, that's the "semi finals".


Oh okay
How many days do we get to make a project?
I'll join I guess. I need to start making more games or something but it'll stink.


You get a week to get the project in.


That's it? Okay. What's the theme?


The theme is unknown at the moment.


It doesn't have to be a game, right?


It can be trail art, game, etc. Just remember the rubric.


Also, if I enter, I don't wanna name it FunnyOlympixs. I wanna name it a game name. I'll just give you the link.


Ok, that's fine.


Can you explain what the rubric stuff means
Like what complexity interaction time spent that stuff


So for the rubric...
Complexity is how complex the code is depends on what score you get.
Interaction is if you can do things with the project.
And time pent is if you only spend one day you'll get low score but if you spend the whole week you'll get high score.


If time spent is like one ow two days but it's a really good project is you grade for that higher?


Yes it will. It just depends.


Wow I would love to do this, does the project have to be a funny one?


It'll been for a theme. So sure!


I have a futuristic game it will involve TONS of math I'll tell you when I finish