Funny posts topic!


So, basically, I had an idea to make a topic where you post something, and others react to it by replying, and replying to those replies. It shouldn't be too complicated, maybe 4-5 posts per new post.

If you don't know what style I'm talking about, here's an example.

Basically, they should be short and funny.

Every once in a while, I'll pick one of the posts and replies that I like, and I'll post a project that codes that conversation. I'll make a new account on HS for this as well.

If I choose to use a conversation you've replied in, just give me a username to put for who said what. It could be your actual username, or something different.

As always, just keep it appropriate.

Let's get this started!



I came home and saw that I had only a 20 dollar bill in my pocket. It just doesn't make cents.



Here, we see the majestic human returning to its natural habitat.


Whos that?


You know what else doesn't make much cents? I thought I had two dollars, turned it I only had one penny.




Guys plz dont hack me XD


Is that your real password? Lol


No just joke & awesome quote


The sofa?


That's my fav, but can't really add on to it so uh....


I'm sorry but this vine :joy:

@Anonymous you get me?

I'll look for something a little more sophisticated :joy:



You might want to block The LISD

Because that is personal info


Lewisville Independent School District


I have no clue where that is it's not personal info


You already know, but I go to that school distract!

Does anyone else?