Funniest Things on Hopscotch



What is the funniest thing you ever saw on Forum/Hopscotch/Imternet? Post it here and we will have a good laugh!

1. Make sure they are appropriate! No dirty jokes plz.
2. No offensive posts! Be nice and plz don't start a flame war.
3. Have fun LOLing!:wink:

Here is mine(Internet):

Da dabbing emoji

Ha ha ha ha ha ha…




Seriously? Closed?

Some more:


And some more:


Miss Listie



Here's one of mine



SO CUTE!!!!!:slight_smile::relieved::wink:


I literally got "Donald Trump" on a random name generator in February! Link to funny topic:


I knew it would be closed! It should have been closed from the start, anyway…

I was the only one posting Hopscotch-related stuff. And appropriate stuff.


I just edited the title to keep it related ^.^


Fresh Start on my Topic!

By fresh start, I mean that we will end the argument and let people start posting funny stuff!:wink:


There was never an argument, except for the fact that this is only 25 percent Hopscotch-related, while it has to be 100% Hopscotch-related, and that there is already a topic about this.


More pics!


Non of those pictures are hopscotch related! You can recycle this tho, and make a it something hopscotch related! If it's not hopscotch related, leaders, @Gilbert189, could maybe even close this! We are all just trying to help, not start an argument! :smiley::blush:

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