Funky63 said a bad word?


In @Funky_63_Greenland new project he says a bad word. I gotta admit it was a wonderful game, but there's a not so kid friendly word in it.
Here's the link

here's the word


Is that word actually allowed on hopscotch? I don't think so... :confused:


Um... It's not that bad of a word, but you shouldn't use it in a kid's coding app....
I don't really know if it's allowed...
I don't think it's allowed..


Yeah it's not the worse but I don't think it should be used on hopscotch...


That's a pretty bad word... Not the worst but no way should it be allowed here!



I honestly think we should just report it and get Liza to fix it up!


What did they said treefrogstudios


What part of the project has it?


@WitnessTheLitness and @CheckyWecky it is not gud to revive a random/flame war-possible topik.




does The real funky work for hopscotch?


He says he does


When did he say that?


I use that word IRL and I don't think it is really bad
But I don't use it in front of people who thinks it's bad tho


No, he doesn't, as far as I know.
When did he say that?
I know he once said (I saw it once at least) that he was a moderator, but that doesn't mean he work for THT.


He said he worked for them once in his bio on hf. But then he changed it


What part of the project has the word?