Funky63 is now "TheOnlyWizard"?



Are we getting trolled?

Evidence: I follow him, and I was like 🤔 wut
I looked in his favorites, and it was the same as funky 63


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He just deleted it


who dat in da picture?


I guess that's him. His "Ludo" project is like him, but his english is much better. Good job @Funky_63_Greenland!


OMG guys! What if Funky died, and TrolledManDen is like his son?!!?


Lol no that sounds wrong

No one died


But what if he did o.o


Highly unlikely, let's stop spreading rumors, it's kinda mean. Why would he die suddenly


He also just changed his name to "TheOnlyWizard"

Oh my god he is a speedy coder look

Already 3 projects


I was looking for him... Dats why


He might have them as drafts




I follow him, his new name is "TheOnlyWizard"


He's an auto follow that fast. He must be funky because he could've unpublished all his projects to change his name and no one will know it's him :smiley:


Yeah. Although I wonder, why would he delete his projects? He can simply make another account


Hmm, idk. Maybe he still wanted to be an autofollow?


Or maybe he didn't want his account to exist and since you can't delete your acc he just decided to make it new


:o but we old accounts still have them


Which project are you talking about?