Funky 63 left the building?



If you look at his account Real Funky 63 Left, It says funky left the building. Can someone give me for information about this? Does anyone know why he left?!

  • Yeah funky63 should leave


  • Meh I don't really care



He left because of bullyin.g people were being meen to him(including me) trust me I was in the topic!


Oh thanks I was kind of confused


No problem! It was so bad


Can someone close this topic @Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman @admins I don't need this anymore :wink:


There's no harm of this staying open :slightly_smiling:


Look what I just found!!


Poor Funky 63, I feel so bad for him :sob:


12% of voters apparently dislike Funky. Funky is a good coder, and no Hopscotcher should leave!


Nooooo why do ppl have to hate on Funky 63,


Also, don't hate, guys. Be appreciative of him.


ikr ppl should be nice to Funky 63, what he said was not mean


It's just him trying to enforce HS rules ikr


can't like so here is a :heart:


I feel like people were a little mean to him, but instead of leavin' right away, he should of said stop. As well as other people. It's sad to lose funky, but still think he's out there somewhere with another account. Who can resist hopscotch anyway?


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Even if you say that, people will still hate.

Like I said..

Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate...
- Taylor Swift - Shake it Off


Well, I did see a project saying that his iPad screen was broken. . .