Funky 63 Left- please don't celebrate. (Btw, why was this topic closed @BuildASnowmam?)



I know you don't like Funky 63- I'm not his biggest fan either- but please do not celebrate about it.


This topic is temporarily closed due to a large number of community flags.



Did I just win the fight with the BOT????


With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilty, @KiwiCute2016


I think you did! If there aren't anymore inappropriate posts, it should stay open




Oh my goodness. Dat was crazy


[siri voice] Who? Me?


Please I will get @t1_hopscotch hopscotch here you said you wanted to hurt him!


No one answered my question earlier. Is Axolotl still here? She's been inactive
(Also, don't you hate it when you are writing a post and before you post it, the topic is locked?)


I hope she is still on......


I do not know she has not posted anything on the forum!


Many of the older hopscotchers haven't been using the app lately


It's so sad. Well, I guess not. Maybe they've moved on like obj. C?


This is true we shouldn't be happy when anyone leaves


To clear a few things up, I'm pretty sure axoltl is part of the Hopscotch Team. t1 agrees with me. Proof:

Alish made a video on youtube which was about branching games. He published a project under axoltl's name. Suspicious


Interesting... @axolotl what do you have to say?!?


Um so why do you do this to every single topic? Go on with YouTube and Star Trek if you don't care about Hopscotch.


Yeah and @SabotageWarning if you don't even care about hopscotch why go on it and be rude?