Funky 63 Left- please don't celebrate. (Btw, why was this topic closed @BuildASnowmam?)



Ok, then. I've never had one of my questions be closed before... Anyway, please don't overly celebrate that he left. Thanks! :wink:


You didn't get closed when there are a lot of flags in a topic it gets closed


What? I don't understand. Did you mean I can still post? Because I can't, sadly.


Example: Your topic wasn't closed but since SabotageWarning's posts that were in your topic were flagged it got closed.
Get it?


Someone mentioned my name


Wait. Yep. I think. Uh... Nope. Like people can still read it?


slowly backs away, "Huh? What are you talking about?"
No, everything's fine.


The topic is closed.

Get it?

End of conversation


When a topic closes, people can still read the replies, but people can't post a new reply. If a post is note booked (the pinkish color replies), people can still edit that.

I changed the name of the topic because it was long, so I shortened it so it was easier to read :wink:


I did...


Oh! Sorry, you wording was a little hard for me to understand. Yes. It was closed.


I don't blame you I'm really bad at explaining stuff


Thanks! It was sort of filling up my notifications list.


Thanks @PopTart0219!Oh Darn it @Kiwicute2016 can you unlock us?
Why did I flag!!!!


No problem @Fifithefunnyflower and @JonnyGamer


Guys look


Aw snap.
This is really sad...


Ya... He deleted every single project


You should be seriously ashamed of yourself. I think you really want to get kicked out of the forum.


That is not very nice...