Fundardo QnA Video

Hey there!
I’m going to do an AMA like Rod and Gwe on my YT channel. So yeah you can ask me literally anything as long as it’s related to Hopscotch. When I say “anything” I mean literally anything related to Hs ofc and I’ll answer every single question as honestly as I can lol
I’ll be accepting questions until the 12th of February and anything after that will have low chances of being in the video

@FunNews (woaah 43 people?!? haha that’s a lot lol tysm to all of you)

Proof I have permission in the rare case that any of you think I don’t

What inspired you to make the beautiful piece of art that is Minesters and what’s your motivation for it?


Who is your biggest fan?

How much do you code average a day?

How long did it take you to make your longest game?


Will you make a remix of your game Minesters called Ministers for April fool’s Day?


why the heck is the Christmas tab still there in February…

have you ever tried scratch?

when did you join hopscotch?

around what time of day was it when you joined hopscotch?

how many seeds have you made in total?

how many seeds do you make daily?

do you make more seeds on weekends than weekdays?


how many times have you used toucan in the past year?

what are the file sizes of all your drafts?

do you prefer to code without a plan or with one? why or why not?

what’s yours favorite block?


What’s your favorite category on hopscotch

Whose your favorite non hopscotch dev

What’s your favorite top games game?


How did you find out about hs?

What is your most used block?

What is your favorite category of blocks?

What is your favorite color?

How many variables do you normally use?


How do you get your inspiration when creating a new game, and what are your plans in terms of games for the future?


How are your animations so good???
What’s/who’s your inspiration?
Do you know any other coding languages? (which ones)
Which of your projects are you most proud of?
What’s your favorite project?
also Videos Created by Hops! - #1048 by Fundardo

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What advice would you give to beginner coders?
How did you come across hs?
Doyou have any projects that inspired you to make the games you did?
Can you give any tips for us ples?


What kind of music do you code?


I don’t really have any questions… but i’ll try to think of some… can i join funnews?


Was Hopscotch the first time you were introduced to coding or did you know how to code before joining Hopscotch?

Do your friends irl and family help test your games?

Do you have any old drafts of projects you never finished? If so what are they and do you plan on finishing them?

What new features would you like to see in Hopscotch?


If hopscotch were an icecream brand which would it be?

Pineapple on pizza trail arts?

Is the earth trail art flat?

(In hopscotch pixels) How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

If life is a box of chocolates then which pieces of life are the coconut ones?


Yeah sure lol! Just tap on the tag, and it’ll take you to the page where you can join


How did you think of your username?
What inspired you to code the amazing Funcity?

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What would you do if hs introduced 3D

Would you make a theme park like aquapark if you were given the offer

On a scale of 1 to 10 how controversial would ministers be if you made it (minesters but with irl ministers)


How did you find out about hopscotch?

What was the first programming language you learned (not including hopscotch)?

How do you get inspiration for your projects

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