Fun4You_Coding Team Members Suggest:



Hello, Hopscotch Team. I am the leader of the Fun4You_Coding team, and we have some suggestions that would help Hopscotch become a better app than it already is.
Fun4You_Coding Leader - I would be very grateful if you added 2 new blocks - 1 block to save your data in-game and 1 block to reset your data. So every time someone plays your game, they still have all their data from last time they played.

Fun4You_Coding Co-leader - Hello, I have a request for ya’ll, I am wondering if it would be possible to add animation blocks into Hopscotch. It would make games look so much better and it’d bring ‘life’ into the characters/Emojis.

Thanks much for your time, Hopscotch. We look forward to these new features :slight_smile:


Like set image?


Hello NindroidGames, I just asked the Co-leader and he did say yes, like set image :slight_smile:


So why not use set image?


I’m very sorry if my Co-leaders’ request offended you in some way, but we are a new team and we don’t make any money yet, and it’s not exactly like set image, to be honest.


is this confusing anyone else? (R they like advertising?)


You don’t make money from the Hopscotch app. Sorry about your luck heheh.


How would you make money wait…are you THT…



If you can just confirm who you are and your purpose, I think the rest of us will understand what you are trying to say. As of right now, I am not understanding what your function is and need some clarifications!



Thank you for replying everyone. Here are your answers:
@Ducks_Happy - I should have been more specific, I meant on YouTube. We post coding tutorials on YouTube but we don’t have enough views to make money. This is also answer for @Xman0417.
@Swati_Bang - I am the leader of a new coding team, Fun4You_Coding, I created this team for educational and entertainment purposes. We like to make YouTube tutorials on coding and we create educational & entertainment projects on Hopscotch. The animation block is a block that lets the character in your project speak, like move it’s mouth when you add a speech bubble.
@Kayro - I’m sorry it’s confusing you, if you wouldn’t mind, I could help you understand if you state what’s confusing. Also, I am not advertising. My Co-leader and I just thought of some features that we’d like to share.


Oh yes imma watch the videos!!!


Hello and welcome to the forum! Those ideas are great. I have thought about adding text variables and more things as well.


U answered my question.


I think Hopscotch will be a lot glitchier with these. And @FRENCH_WAVE123 made a tutorial on how to make animation.


@MyPi - I see your point, perhaps it’ll glitch with animation blocks but Hopscotch doesn’t use Internet or Wifi so I don’t understand how it would make it “glitchier”. Does it lag for you?
@Ducks_Happy - That would be awesome if you could. YouTube still won’t let me change the YouTube username for another 90 days so I am making a new channel called ‘Fun4You_Coding’, I hope the tutorials can help you :smiley:
@William04GamerA - Thank you. @Kayro - Okay, I’m glad.


Ok thanks!!! :smile: