Fun Projects To Try!



Have you ever had a project you spent a lot of time on, then nobody notices it? Post them here and other people can try them.
Please put the project, then a 1-10 rating chart.
Have fun!


idk how well this will work, but nice topic and first reply


Noice topic m8’s
2nd reply


Nice topic. Some hops are highly under appreciated so this is a great place for them to get noticed!


Good topic! :santa: :santa:


Good topic idea :slight_smile:



Hello Santa Claus!


Try this game…It was fun to code, but idk if it’s fun to play. It’s my own project, so rating might be biased, I’ll stay away from that. A Heroe’s Day - PillowFace Productions

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  • Fun!
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I like it! One problem is though that there is no difference between the star girls.



Although there were some bugs with what displayed when.


Sounds like a good idea!


Yeah, that’s kinda the point…to make you mess up.


So then you restart the project.

I got it in my last try lol


I posted a newer version. It has a better starting background. I also got rid of the ability to change your prize by tapping it again. So… yeah. Try it out!


Ok :+1: