Fun polls for bored or poll-seeking peeps!



Please don't flag! I am just having some fun because I am bored and everyone else who wants to take some polls or they are bored, they can come here!

So, anyway, credit to @SmileyAlyssa because I got inspiration to make this because she made her own and I wanted my own poll system, so here's the project thing!
Please don't go off topic because I just want this to be based on polls and having fun, or meeting some new hopscotchers!! Thanks!

Post your polls here!

Er topic has already been made please SBYPP


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Search Begore You Post
And Please don't spam the forum with multiple of the same


Did you read what she/he said?!? They said they were making another topic of polls inspired by SmileyAlyssa.


So,mit is still spa:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Huh. What. Huh.:expressionless:What.


Umm... Hi YuxinaYammy★. You might remember me, KawaiiAnimeLuver. I was one of your friends in Hopscotch. I was really sad that you quit so I got this account so I could stay in touch with you! So um... Ya that's about it. I hope you reply. Have a nice day!


Oh ok. Thanks for writing that! And thanks, hope you have a nice day too! And thanks for creating the account to stay in touch with me, that's so kind of you!
Thanks again!


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I’m confised by your wording


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