Fun Name Challenge


So this is possibly just to brighten everyone's mood!
So basically,you have to change your HS user combine with someone else only for 1 day!
Creations of a Dino
Hero Cake
Starry Dino
Be sure to ask permission form the person before combining your users!
Example: If o want to change mine to Starry Dino, I have to ask Starry Dream first.
If you don't want your username to be taken,make an account with your real username,before that go back to your account and change your username. After a day,go to that random account with your user,change the user and then go to your main acc then make the user the same as it is.
Example: changes user to Starry Dino, makes a random account with user Hero Dino. 1 day later. Goes to random account and change it with something. Goes to main account and change back to Hero Dino



Who wants to do this with me?
(It's a great idea!)


Thanks! Can I change my user to ummm Ahh.., ShiveDino ?


How about DinoLight? (You know, dynamite, heh)

And as for me...


HeroLight [Hetalian]?


Sure! DinoLight it is!



I did it !


All right!

hold on a sec, changing it


Alright, done!

Really nice topic, idea, by the way!


OMg I saw it! It's beside my random account!p in newest!



Now, let's see if anyone else does this challenge. Because it actually is fun.


Okay. Should I tag some people! Thanks a lot XMM!


How do you code the BG so fast? It took me a few min to code a simple smooth BG lol


I wanna try this maybe


@MR.GAM3R Who are you gonna combine with?


Sure why not, this sounds like a fun idea!

{Way to keep me positive from all this darkness on the forum}


Is @MagmaPOP allowed? Lol


U have to ask him first. Let's go to Mars! Lol


Hi @MagmaPOP. Can I combine usernames with you?

@Hero_Dino, does the other person have to do it too?


I dunno... I just kinda threw in some variables amd clones and poof!, a BG appeared.

Testing and adjusting the sizes took the longest....


@XiaoMiaoMi But you're soooo fast! I memorized the code of a Smooth BG but it took me like 5 min + to do
No,the person doesn't have to do it if they don't wanna