Fun Math Challenge on HS!

Okay so I did something in school quite a while ago, and I wanted to make it on the forum, so I saved the paper! I just found it recently, and instead of on the forum, I made it on HS! I also added things like decoding messages and such to get the big and small prizes!

If you want to try it, here's the link! :D


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I think ive seen something like this before...
First like and reply!


This is so cool!! Nice job. I'm on the second part for the big prize.

I'm kinda stuck... I decoded the message and I got "IlwyhaygpaOwpmxc". I think I did something wrong. XD


Someone put out their entry for the big prize :0000
(totally not meā€¦unless you count alts)

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No, it's a word in Gibberish :D


Wow this is sweet! I love doing such challenges.

@Catface4 do you use Hopscotch in landscape or PORTRAIT???


Okay, I checked the project ( Because I accidentally made a mistake on the first one but caught it luckily XD) and if you follow the code, then r should go up to s and so on.

I prefer landscape because I like making websites and it barely scrolls any if I make a big website in portrait.