Fun Little Poll



Hey here is a fun little poll!

  • Hopscotch
  • Hopscotch Beta
  • Scratch
  • Scratch Junior
  • Daisy The Dinosaur


These are all coding apps!


So hard to choose...


Hopscotch Beta? What is that like? I've seen topics mentioning it, but what exactly is it? What are the things in the beta not in the regular one?


Basically Hopscotch in it's Beta state, here's a link: Beta Hopscotch preview


First of all, you have to understand what a beta program/app/software is.

And second of all, these words are part of the Greek alphabets.

What a coincidence AND a pun! The first two letters in the Greek alphabets are IN the word "alphabets (compromising of "Alpha" and "Beta")".

Before you understand beta, you must know what is alpha first.

Alpha is the state of a program that is in the "underdeveloped" stage. And that the announcement of the program is yet to be publicized.

Beta in the other hand is the state of a program which is almost fully developed, likely to be released to the public and being tested.

-People like @t1_hopscotch are counted as beta testers. They're the people who test the beta version of the program as they have access to the beta state of the program.

Whoa, don't get me wrong but there's LOADS of technical stuff up there 🙄, I hope you understand! (Or will you?🤔)


Hopscotch beta, is basicly the newer version of hopscotch in wich the beta testers are trying to find bugs, so the hopscotch team can remove them before putting the newer version of hopscotch in the Appstore.


Or will I??? Lol FILLER TEXT


wow.... this poll got popular....


No offense to anyone who uses it, but Daisy the Dinosaur is kind of bad.


well @rawrbear its like a intro to coding


True, true... It's for 5 year olds anyway... (No offense again)


Yeah... (I keep saying no offense because really, no offense.)


Yeah, sorry to everyone who actually took offense...