Fun Coding Collab!



Yeah the notes don’t go quite high enough to make the song you wanted me to make
I would probably have to put it a couple octaves lower




That’s what I do when I make music (most of the time)

HS does not have many octaves


I submitted an entry for our collab in the contest :nerd_face:


Yes that is quite unfortunate


Rip music coders


@itzmya, @gobli09 left the gang :cry:

but it’s o.k. I plan on leaving it too

anyways are u guys coding anything? i haven’t been able to check HS for a few days so I haven’t seen the drafts

when I can I’ll probably make a mini movie or text art of a character or smth idk


Oh oof ok
No I haven’t been very active on there or here lol


I’ve been kinda busy but I’ll see if I can make anything soon


ye same

idrk what to say :eyes: but have u been enjoying ur break


same here, obviously you don’t have to if you don’t feel like it don’t feel pressured (you probably aren’t but whatever) oof


Lol yeah ik
I probably will tho sometime, it’s a good escape
Lately tho I’ve just been drawing a lot


that’s cool!! honestly i haven’t really been doing anything lately besides reading which is kind of lame but idc skakdjak


Yeah, I’m jet-lag rn it’s 6:30 rn and I woke up an hour ago hhhh but yesterday we went to the beach to wait for our room to be ready and there were so many dogs not on leashes just playing and following their owners on the beach and it was so cute sksbdkskksdj


Lol not really
Ooh same here

Maybe we could code a mini book next?


:two_hearts::cry::moyai::cupid::face_with_hand_over_mouth: @murphy1 must be so jealous
but it’s good that ur enjoying ur vacay

actually we totally should!! that’s a great + fun idea lol
i could try to make the base/book and then we could all write a page to contribute to it or smth??

i don’t think I worded that correctly but if u need me to elaborate then feel free to ask oofoof


Lol sure if you’d like!
And then we could code little animations or whatever on each page.


yes! that is a very phenomenal idea! should we have a certain theme to it or whatever? or just randomness


Uh idk.
Y’all pick?


ok! it’ll probably just end up being randomness bc that’s kind of the theme of the collab?? but ill ask @itzmya @gobli09 @blackseal @murphy1 @sophia71205 @CoderOfMagic