Fun Coding Collab!



Thanks so much!


@coderofmagic @itzmya @murphy1 @gobli09 we should code one of the sanrio characters they’re rlly simple and cute :eyes:


They’re adorable!


I completely agree!! here’s a small list of them and their names for future reference:

@gobli09 @itzmya @murphy1


i kind of wanna do tuxedo sam (the blue penguin) or shinkansen (the train)


Lol the train


ill probably code this (ill simplify it tho) later >:00


i love nyago


What happened to your profile picture?


nyago is a literal cutie pie


idk :shushing_face:


I’ve had a terrible day I cant even


What song should I code


@sophia71205 hi :eyes:
why is that


thunderclouds by LSD (labyrinth, Sia, and diplo) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I had contest today for viola
And the pianist was too slow, so I was never matching with her and it sounded so bad
I got a really bad score on it too :unamused:


:(( idk what to say, im so sorry that somebody messed up ur performance :moyai::two_hearts:


Thanks :clown_face:
I’m feeling like a rage monster today


The notes are in treble, so I should probably start coding with something simple like twinkle twinkle little star :star2:
I have had enough of treble today :triumph:


making music on hs is kind of fun bc u can kind of make loops with the “repeat” block and stuff, but i wish they would add more notes or update it more oof