Fun Coding Collab!



oh ok


Cats :cat:
And emojis :microbe::hugs::crown::poop::clown_face:


yes, im sure she would love it :cat2:


You were impersonated
On what


oh well (again) that wasn’t me, so ig you could tell one of the leaders abt it if it made you uncomfortable?


Yep I’m gonna delete my posts lol


@itzmya @murphy1 @gobli09 do u guys wanna code these numbers, they seem pretty simple and they’re also cute so
image image image


CoM, TD, are you guys like asking to get suspended ???




wdym? CoM kept saying that they got on a wbf, and that i was supposedly on it or smth. im not sure if it seemed like we were promoting CoF. but it’s not like we exchanged WBFs or anything, I just wanted CoM to know that I wouldn’t insult them online or smth, I barely know them


What does wbf mean :joy:


White board fox, they are not allowed on the forum




@TheDrawer I’m up for trying to code it
Do we have to do trail art


no u can make text art or games or whatever idc, as long as it’s coded


Oh with the WB?
I went on my friend’s private WB shared with only me and my bestie and typed it wrong, going to a different one that was impersonated by someone pretending to be @TD


That’s weird
It’s a strange coincidence that you stumbled upon it?


Btw weren’t you in this collab?


Yep I am :slight_smile:


Yay :grin:
You are a great coder we need you