Fun Coding Collab!



@itZmya have you finished making the Easter egg thing yet :chipmunk:


No I had to redo a bunch of it bc I did the egg weird so now it looks like this

Feel free to do whatever to it :nerd_face:


it looks so pretty so far! :two_hearts::moyai:

i wish i could help oof :cry:


Oofy thanks :nerd_face: I’ll try and fix some ugly parts and maybe add some more tonight :moyai: it’s actually kind of relaxing lol


ok! it’s good that you’re problem solving :peacock:


Ok I’m taking a break for tonight :large_blue_circle::red_circle::red_circle::large_blue_circle::bangbang:


Oh no Gren


Guys we should ask the curators for a personalized pfp :moyai::moyai::moyai:


Let’s do octopus, so we can match with petrichor :crazy_face::crazy_face:


Ok get the picture and tag them :cowboy_hat_face::facepunch:


I might be done with my bunny :nerd_face:


@murphy1 happy anniversary :face_with_hand_over_mouth::moyai::see_no_evil::two_hearts:

@itzmya @gobli09 we should code her smth


Could I draw smth?


ofc! that’d be great


Thank you!


Np :moyai::peacock: where is @itzmya


What do they like?
uh… you got impersonated again friendo


Idk she hasn’t been on for a long time :crying_cat_face::pleading_face::frowning::scream_cat:


@murphy1 what do u like :nerd_face:



did they say they was me or? what did they do akdjkas, sorry im dumb aksjaks