Fun Coding Collab!



hey! this is a collab me and a few others created!

i decided to make a topic for it bc tomorrow (April 9th) all general topics will be deleted (so we canā€™t organize this collab there), and I also think that itā€™ll be easier to organize on a separate topic!

the goal of this collab: maybe create :large_blue_circle::red_circle::red_circle::large_blue_circle: themed projects, such as trail art, games, etc.

but mostly to have a good time and experiment with code and gain experience if I were to participate in a future collab!

also this isnā€™t a serious hard-core collab, itā€™s mostly for fun so im sorry if we stray off topic (please remind us lol)

current members


people who might wanna join?


If youā€™d like to join just reply below and Iā€™ll give you the pass to the acc!

TheDrawer's General Topic

here is our ā€œlogoā€ so far:
ā”ƒā”ƒā•±ā•² this
ā”ƒā•±ā•±ā•²ā•² is the
ā•±ā•±ā•­ā•®ā•²ā•² fun collab
ā–”ā–ā”—ā”›ā–•ā–” & we would like you to join it
ā•±ā•±ā”ā”³ā”“ā•­ā•®ā”ā”³ā”“ ā•²ā•²


I canā€™t wait to create something :cool: with u guys :)))


OK gang: edit in a list of ideas below

  • IDK
    -Maybe a large trail art?
  • design a :large_blue_circle::red_circle::red_circle::large_blue_circle:

also i gtg sleep :crazy_face:


Here I will join, :v:


Number 2 comin atchya


Nice and unique!




itā€™s so funny this got more likes than the actual main post lol

i probably shouldā€™ve posted it in the main post smaksj


hey uh can i join :moyai:


yes ofc u can blackseal


TD I honestly cannot believe you were serious
But yeah Iā€™m still in :joy:




im glad u joined! :nerd_face:


Hm? Please stay on topic, Muphy. :blush:


I said im never joining this


Well that was an unneeded comment, take it back :cry:


Stop :stop_sign:
Take me out of the topic :crying_cat_face:


Ok. :cry:


:crying_cat_face: itzmya is a bully and she is in this so Iā€™m not joining :pleading_face::crying_cat_face::sneezing_face::nauseated_face::sob::triumph::fishing_pole_and_fish::parking::face_vomiting::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::unamused: