Full featured hopscotch editor in web browsers/computer application

i feel that hopscotch could reach a far wider audience if they work on a full featured code editor on web browsers, like Scratch. I don’t really think that I need to elaborate very much on this, it’s just an idea.

also, Hopscotch on Android? where did it go? work apparently started around 2016. it’s now been three years. could we at least get a update on that?


I’d really love to see that too. THT and Leads, please don’t just clive this like everything else. This is really important and could be another (extremely rare but possible) turning point for the history of HS, and it’s far more important than any forum initiative, HS redesign, etc.

If THT doesn’t do it, Petrichor and I will. jk we are too busy.


I had started on something like this. Not sure where it is.


I have also thought about starting on something like this.


Community wide project?

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I tried to do community-wide with the HS Help Guide, but nobody is doing anything


Ya, it’s just a suggestion. Hum… Idk how we could get your help guide bigger…


Alright. I can get your help guide more attention.
I’ll just need to consult w the other leads first

For now, here, just GBOT and sot. I’ll @ you once I know more


You’re right; Hopscotch should upgrade to Windows, just like other coding platforms (specifically Scratch and Gamestar Mechanic as examples) have, but it would take a lot of work and THT would need more members.

As for the Android version of Hopscotch, yes, THT has begun the production in 2016, but since Android has more advanced features than Apple, it actually makes sense why it’s taking three years plus. It takes a lot of work, and THT may as well consider roping (more) Android developers into the team.


if tht does push out a version of hopscotch for windows, it would definitely take time, resources, etc., i’m not saying that manpower isn’t needed. this is just an idea for when tht does have enough resources available, and this would exponentially increase the number of people using hopscotch.

coders don’t usually use iOS, they mainly use windows machines or android tablets, both of which hopscotch has no presence in. coders just learning how to code are probably in school computer labs, or they have a cheap tablet of some kind. that demographic is exactly what hopscotch is aiming for, it would be beneficial, not only for the users of said devices, but it would be successful for tht as well.


Actually, many devs like iOS (as a first platform) because there are so many less variables with screen size, processors, etc. etc.

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maybe devs for relatively simple apps, or utilities, (although this isn’t true for all devs; all the apple arcade games are an example), but i’m talking full fledged games.


dat true. Steam is popular for that, but something like HS, iOS is a popular dev platform, even though Android is more complex with user file system

although android does have a more complicated file system, it’s home to many a great app for teaching kids how to code. windows doesn’t have any of that yet.

also what happened to general was just



What you’re saying is true.

There would be a wider range of audience if HS works on a code editor in the browser.

Also Android version will help as well.

I think implementing all these will cost THT so much hard work.

I know these a re possible, but it will take some time.


Yes. Very much yes.


@Awesome_E look at the 2nd post

You maybe can work on it? You already did most of the work


The editor is a whole new challenge.