FTU invisibility slider


So what this is is, just a little contraption that uses the new OR block, and when you slide a object, it changes the invisibility of another, it will be great for drawing pads and can be made easily into a hue slider for a color.

I hope you enjoy it, it took me a long time to plan out the code that stops the slider from going off screen

, thx starry dream
Idk why they are all rectangles on the web view, I didn't make it that way.


Wait why are you using a ctml?

But cool!


Interesting use of "OR"


So I'm noticed :sunglasses:....


I'm I could have just used when invisable < 1 but I wanted to use the new or blocks


But that's so random :stuck_out_tongue:


You should use the updated OMTL
No offence


Ok lemme change it...


That is soo cool !! Well done for discovering it !!


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Please use the updated list! Thanks!


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Please use the updated OMTL.


I just finished a blue and red brightness slider and a backround invisibility slider, check them out on my profile, and please if you like the stuff I post here like the project, it's kinda why I posted it here, to get the projects noticed and liked more