FTU 3D engine for projects

Guys! I got a 3D engine that y’all can use for any games you want, I’ll edit this post to explain how to use it later


So for me right now = later so I’ll explain now:

To put an object, any object, into any specific X, Y & Z coordinates, you need to put a variable in the when game starts/when object is cloned called obj x/obj y/ obj z (you can change) and put specific coordinates into it, when you start, you’ll be looking to the front so X will be right/left, Y will be up/down, and Z will be forwards/backwards from you, you can also modify the angle the character is looking when game starts, to modify it in the horizontal axis, change the “look h” variable into any angle from 1 to 360, if it’s bigger/smaller it doesn’t matter, it just bucles from 0 to 360, the same with the vertical angle but the only difference is that the variable is called “look v”, to change the size of the objects add the variable “obj z size” variable in the when game starts/when object is cloned rule of the object you want to change its size, idrk the exact scale but it’s like, when the object is like 100 units away from you and you are looking directly at it, that’s the size you inserted to the variable

If you have any more doubts ask me and I’ll edit them here


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Nice engine :slight_smile:


It’s not dw :blush:

I’m sure a lot of users here would be willing to help you, but it’s totally okay to feel like your not that experienced when it comes to 3D blocks, at first no one was, remember that :wink:


Nice :+1:


Awesome, nice job on this!


Nice engine!


I use my own 3D engine in a project for the Summer Contest, and i’ll probably share it after the results are out


Hi there @anon92895349!


Cool. Maybe I should make a 3D project someday.


4D is the now.

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Thanks for keeping an eye out! I think that this can stay open though, since there is a ready engine and project. If someone want to use this, they can base it on the project linked in the original topic, and if there are questions about the engine, there might still be other people here that can help.


Uhh, the project is in the filter or is deleted…